Hopkins Internal Audit
Vision, Mission, Charter and Values
As approved by the Audit Committee of the Board of Trustees


For the benefit of Johns Hopkins Institutions, OHIA will:

  • Be a catalyst in improving the internal control environment through raising awareness and providing assurance
  • Develop creative audit approaches in response to change
  • Be viewed as a leader in Higher Education and Healthcare internal auditing


To protect Johns Hopkins institutional resources by:

  • Identifying and evaluating risks within business processes
  • Assessing and testing internal controls for effectiveness
  • Investigating suspected misuse of resources
  • Validating management corrective actions
  • Communicating results to trustees, senior leaders, and other impacted stakeholders, and
  • Developing an engaged and talented staff

through the use of a systematic approach, innovative techniques and comprehensive tools.


Independence and Position within Organization

Independence of the internal audit function is critical to its effectiveness. Organizationally, to ensure independence, the Executive Director of OHIA reports:

  • Directly to the Audit Committees of the Boards of Trustees for both The Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Health System, and
  • Administratively, to the Senior Vice President for Administration and Finance of The Johns Hopkins University and the Vice President and General Counsel of The Johns Hopkins Health System.

Internal audit has no direct responsibility for or authority over, any operations. In order to maintain objectivity, OHIA will not undertake to develop and install procedures, prepare records, or engage in any other activity, which would normally or which could reasonably be construed to compromise its independence.

OHIAís independence is not impaired by recommending improvements to the internal control structure, policies and procedures.


OHIA provides audit services to all entities and subsidiaries of Johns Hopkins Institutions.

OHIA has access to all Institution records, properties, resources and personnel relevant to subjects under review. OHIA is free to review and appraise policies, plans, procedures and records.

Scope of Responsibility

OHIA is responsible for the examination and evaluation of Institutional policies, procedures and systems through the performance of operational, financial, technological, security and fraud reviews.

Consulting services are advisory in nature and OHIA does not generally provide this management service as part of our audit engagement.


Integrity - Ethical standards are the foundation of integrity

  • We are truthful, trustworthy and fair in all of our efforts.
  • We hold ourselves and each other to the highest standards of professionalism, confidentially, and ethical conduct.

Excellence - The foundation to achieving excellence is maintaining our objectivity

  • Competence - We utilize our collective experience and talents to provide high quality internal audit services, aimed at increasing accountability across the organization. We seek to use best practices found within and outside of the organization in performing audits and investigations.
  • Continuous Improvement - We continually seek out better and more effective ways to do our work.
  • Personal Development - We emphasize personal development to help us achieve excellence.

Respect - The foundation of building and maintaining relationships lies in the respect we show to one another

  • Work/Life Balance - We respect balance in each otherís lives.
  • Recognition - We honor and acknowledge each individualís contribution to our efforts.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - We appreciate each otherís differences and value the unique strengths that each person contributes.

Collaboration - Collaboration is evidenced by communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution through bringing together knowledge, experience, ideas and skills to achieve a common goal

  • We foster teamwork while maintaining individual accountability.
  • We value client input in scope of audit projects as well as in written reports.
  • We value sustainable relationships with our clients.



Board Room
Hopkins History: The Hodson Hall Board Room located on the west side of the Homewood Campus,
is a key area in the administration and management of the University. Completed in the Summer of 2002, the Board Room serves
as the meeting place for the Audit Commitee of the Board of Trustees. Providing the latest in technological achievements and conference resources, the Board Room provides the environment for important Audit Commitee functions such as approval of the audit charter and annual audit plan, review of external financial statement audits and review of internal audit results.