Hopkins Internal Audit
What We Do

Operational audits are comprehensive reviews of the varied functions within an enterprise to appraise the effectiveness of controls governing those processes and to monitor compliance with university policies, procedures, governmental laws, regulations and donor restrictions on use of funds.

Investigative audits identify the facts and circumstances of possible fraud or misappropriation of the organization's assets.

Financial audits are analyses of the economic activity of an entity as measured and reported by accounting methods.

Information Systems audits are analyses of effectiveness, efficiency, confidentiality, integrity, availability, compliance, and reliability of data and programs on computer and communication systems.

Construction audits evaluate the risks and controls associated with capital projects including contractor, architect, and subcontractor compliance. Reviews focus primarily on potential cost overcharges during the construction process.


Hopkins History: Located in Northwest Baltimore, the Historic Octagon was purchased along with the rest of the Mt. Washington Campus by JHU in 2003. Built in 1855, Mt. Washington's historic Octagon building has served as both a finishing school for the young women of Baltimore and later as Mt. St. Agnes college. The college merged with Loyola College in 1971. The site was then occupied by United States Fidelity & Guarantee Co which eventually merged with The St. Paul Cos. before being purchased by Hopkins. Today, with its eight luxurious suites and adjoining Atrium and dining room, the Octagon is used for hosting conferences and other events such as weddings.