Concerning Winter Intersession 2009 Day#1 and #2

Getting Funded

I like the breakdown of applications by type, process, components (specificity very helpful).

Examples of reviewer comments and subtest of instructions were very helpful. The insider knowledge of presenter’s most valuable aspect of workshop!

The topics are very crucial for the success of an academic career

The workshop gives a complete overview of the available funding from NIH and the key features of grant writing.

The speakers explained this complicated process in terms I can understand even though I still have no research experience made me feel I can do it and made me feel enthusiastic about it.

I was given a detailed explanation of how things work at a higher level.

Concerning Winter Intersession 2009 Day#3

Publishing Your Research
Handouts and references will be good resources when writing future papers.

Scientific writing section is very useful for those whose native language is not English.

Specific examples, particularly criticisms of papers. Dos and don’ts.

It was clear, very direct, it provides handy guidelines for writing a paper.

It was very focused, clear and practically useful.

Concerning Winter Intersession 2009 Day#4

Presenting Your Research
I’ve given talks in scientific meetings before. The beauty of this workshop is about the general, but important rules of how to do a better job. I also like the vivid examples.

Very useful and practical

Good review of what I’ve learned from giving talks and poster presentations in past. It’s nice to see how I’ve thought through the planning process consciously. Wish I took the class before I did my 1st poster and grad rounds talk.

Poster presentation examples and links (resources) are very valuable for future use.