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Competitive Bid Limit Increase (Eff. 7/1/06)

All purchases of needed goods and services must be made in accordance with university policies regardless of the source of funds. A standard set of bid and justification procedures has been established to properly document all purchases, and to comply with applicable federal, state, and university requirements.

Competitive bids should be solicited whenever needed goods and services can be procured from multiple sources of supply. Effective July 1, 2006 the university’s minimum bid threshold is being increased to $5,000.

Price quotations, either verbal or written, are recommended for needed goods and services totaling up to $4,999 in value. A minimum of at least three quotations for needed goods and services totaling $5,000 or more are required, unless the goods and services are considered sole/single source and can be adequately justified as such. Such justifications should be based on technical reasons such as maintaining compatibility with existing products, maintaining the scientific integrity of experiments, or other specific reasons such as a suggested vendor is the only known source for a good or service within a needed timeframe. All sole/single source justifications must also include evidence of cost/price analysis documenting the basis for cost reasonableness of the good or service being procured. Such cost/price analysis may be based on the prior price paid for similar goods or services, vendor catalog pricing, reference to university pricing agreements, etc. Vendor price quotations for goods and services greater than $25,000 in value should be in writing.

Note: Through competitive bidding, and contract negotiations, Supply Chain Shared Services has established pricing with various strategic contract vendors. Purchases made from strategic contract vendors such as American Office, Dell Computer, Fisher Scientific, Lenovo, etc. do not require additional competitive bids, or justifications. Please contact Supply Chain Shared Services for a list of strategic contract vendors.

Also note: The limit for Departmental Confirming Purchase Orders and Procurement Card transactions shall remain at $2,500.

For additional information regarding university competitive bidding policy or contract vendors, please contact the office of Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5600.

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Procurement (PCard) FY06 Closing Information (4/13/06)

Please be reminded, any Procurement Card transactions posted to Citi after May 26 will be included on the June billing statements and will be paid from next fiscal year funds, FY07. Orders submitted via WebReq for non-sponsored funds after June 9 will also be paid from FY07 funds.

For questions pertaining to Procurement Cards, please contact Josh Abel, Procurement Card Administrator, at 443-997-5650. Additional information on the Procurement Card Program can be found by visiting www.jhu.edu/purchasing/pcard.html.

More information on WebReq may be obtained by visiting www.jhu.edu/purchasing/webreq_system.htm.

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Typewriter Maintenance Agreements for Fiscal Year 2006-2007 (5/9/06)

Supply Chain Shared Services generally recommends that electric typewriters be placed on annual maintenance contracts because the cost of a single typewriter service call, with parts and labor, often exceeds the cost of having an annual typewriter maintenance contract.

The office of Supply Chain Shared Services is again offering departments the opportunity to enroll in an annual typewriter maintenance plan during FY 2006-2007.

Maintenance renewals may be phoned directly to Technical Specialties at 1-800-296-4874. Ask for Erica Jackson to get University contract pricing, or email her at ejackson@tspec.com. Please provide your name, address, phone number, fax number, and typewriter(s) make, model, and serial number. Typewriter maintenance renewals may be billed directly to your JHU Procurement Card. If you do not have a Procurement Card, give Erica your JHU budget number.

Pricing is available at www.jhu.edu/purchasing/jhuonly/typewriter.html. To obtain further information please contact Darlene Foehrkolb Supply Chain Shared Services, at 443-997-5653.

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New Supply Store Catalogs (5/6/06)

New catalogs are now available at the University Supply Stores located at PCTB Basement and Mudd Hall Basement. Four new filter tips from USA Scientific have been added. They are:

Pack of 976 10ul for $50
Pack of 976 20ul for $50
Pack of 976 200ul for $50
Pack of 976 1000ul for $57

For more information, please contact Frank Lea, 410-955-3848, or Gary Cartwright, 410-516-7028.

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Signature Authority (5/6/06)

The by-laws of the University and the Resolutions of its Board of Trustees state that contracts, leases and similar documents for the procurement of supplies, equipment, and services may be signed only by specified officers of the corporation and certain designated individuals. The Director of Purchasing/Purchasing Agent has been authorized by the Trustees to negotiate, sign and enter into agreements with vendors for this purpose.

Individual faculty members and employees are not authorized to sign on behalf of the University, or to bind the University in any manner. Maryland Law provides that individuals who are not authorized, and who enter into an unauthorized agreement, may be held personally liable for the cost of the goods or services purchased.

Any, and all, vendor forms of agreement such as, contracts, leases. software license agreements, etc., should be sent to the Director of Purchasing for review and signature.

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‘Phishing’ and ID Theft - Warning (5/6/06)

If you are receiving fraudulent email, known as ‘phishing,’ this is an attempt to deceive people into providing personal and financial information. It can also secretly infect a computer with viruses or spyware. In order to protect yourself from such fraud, please be aware and follow these tips:

If you would like more information on how to protect yourself or remedy the effects of identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s id theft home page. For more tips and clues regarding identity theft and fraud, view the Procurement Card pdf brochure on ‘phishing’ and spyware.

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Federal Express Payments and Delivery (4/1/06)

The Accounts Payable and the Supply Chain Shared Services Departments, in conjunction with Federal Express, are encouraging payment of all courier charges with the JHU Procurement Cards (Pcards).

This will reduce the large volume of small dollar invoices processed daily and reduce, or even eliminate, the chances of a department incurring late fees or declined pick-ups. Delinquent payments and the need for coded invoices would also be eliminated. Utilizing a Pcard to pay for courier services can be accomplished by calling 800-622-1147, select option 4 then 1, to link your Procurement Card information to your existing FedEx account. Any shipment charged to the FedEx account will be referenced separately on the monthly Pcard statement by the airbill shipment tracking ID number.

You may also register for FedEx Billing Online at www.fedex.com/us/account/fbo/ to view or download specific shipment detail, or generate reports. To learn more about FedEx Billing Online, please select the demo at the FedEx website or send an email to Glenn Vickers.

To learn about University Procurement Cards, please visit www.jhu.edu/purchasing/pcard.html.

For additional information regarding this initiative, please contact Josh Abel or Judy Zimmer, Supply Chain Shared Services (443) 997-5650 or Tom Greene, Accounts Payable, (443) 997-6691.

Finally, Federal Express has informed the SCSS Department that it will not process packages without a valid FedEx account indicated on the airbill. This will apply to packages placed in FedEx Drop boxes or picked up in your office. There have been billing issues due to lack of information on FedEx airbills.

If you need to establish a FedEx account, please send an email to Glenn Vickers. Mr. Vickers is the corporate representative for Johns Hopkins University and his phone number is 800-448-9961 x9726.

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Lab Gas Pricing Effective 2/1/06 (2/1/06)

Effective February 1, 2006 prices for gases from Airgas East will increase. Revised pricing is available at www.jhu.edu/purchasing/jhuonly/airgas2006.pdf.

For additional information, please contact Judy Zimmer, Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5663.

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New Johns Hopkins Contract with Iron Mountain Records Management (1/31/06)

Johns Hopkins University has entered into a new partnership with Iron Mountain, the world’s trusted partner for records management and data protections services. Iron Mountain provides timely access to your files through their secure transportation service. With Iron Mountain Connect™ you have round the clock online access to your records. In addition, Iron Mountain offers a complete line of health information services including: Comprehensive Health Information Management (CHM) Program (a fully-outsourced file room solution), X-ray on Demand (an x-ray digitization service), Open shelf Storage, Secure Shredding and Image on Demand. Iron Mountain also offers indexing services, dropfiling and interfiling, Release of Information (ROI) services, purging and medical record assembly.

For information on Iron Mountain services and the Johns Hopkins contracted rates, please contact either Jessica Chiari, Account Manager, 410-792-2371 x129, or Amy Poston, Sales Representative, 410-792-2371 x205.

For more information on the JHU/Iron Mountain partnership, please contact contact Judy Zimmer in Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5663.

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Office Depot 2006 Catalog (1/31/06)

The new 2006 Office Depot catalog is now available. Order your new catalog (Item #288-328) with your next office supply order. For more information, call (410) 381-1493, Tammie Monroe ext. 3326 or Ann Black ext. 3625.

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Dry Ice Purchases (11/14/05)

Effective December 1, 2005, the price per pound for dry ice will increase to $.40. For questions or concerns, contact Judy Zimmer, 443-997-5663.

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Personal Computer Suppliers (11/11/05)

We are pleased to announce that Dell and Lenovo have been chosen as the primary suppliers of personal computers (desktops and laptops) for the Johns Hopkins Institutions. Pricing agreements with these suppliers will result in substantial savings to all members of the Johns Hopkins community. (Note: We will continue our strong relationship with Apple Computer.)

Earlier this year, a personal computer procurement team that included information technology and procurement personnel from the university and health system identified business and technical requirements that were incorporated into a request for proposal. The RFP was issued to Dell, Hewlett Packard, and IBM (Note: Lenovo has since then purchased IBM's personal computer business). All of the suppliers were asked to respond to identical requirements, terms and conditions. The goals of the RFP process were to:

After analyzing RFP responses, entertaining supplier presentations, and testing supplier products, the procurement team determined that both Dell and Lenovo offered very competitive pricing, strong customer service support, and a commitment to work with Johns Hopkins. In addition, both Dell and Lenovo agreed to offer the same aggressive pricing to all members of the Johns Hopkins community, including for personal purchases by faculty, staff, and students. As a result, a decision was made to negotiate pricing agreements with both suppliers.

Special Johns Hopkins-specific configurations have been created with both Dell and Lenovo. These desktop and laptop configurations offer the best combination of value and performance. For product, pricing, and ordering information, university affiliates should contact Dana Hogan or Suzette Saunders in the Office of Supply Chain Shared Services at (443) 997-5600. JHHS affiliates, please contact Michael Lang, Corky Towers, or Jeannette Marousek at (443) 997-5600.


Paul N. Beyer
Director of Purchasing
Johns Hopkins University
Betty Gibula
Director of Purchasing
Johns Hopkins Health System

For More Information
Faculty and Staff Purchases
877-222-6426/option1/x 6865
Student Purchases
Dell and Lenovo
Hopkins Mobile Computing Program

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New Projector Announcement - PowerLite 76C (9/18/05)

The Epson PowerLite® 76c offers brilliant XGA resolution from a light, bright Ultraportable. With 2000 ANSI lumens and fast, easy operation, this 5.7 lb projector always delivers astounding performance. Epson 3LCD technology works with its incredible brightness to provide accurate color, incredible saturation and remarkable image quality. Thirty degree keystone correction, 1.2x optical zoom and flexible connectivity ensure perfect presentations virtually anywhere. It offers easy lamp and air filter access when the projector is ceiling mounted and has a 4-second start up and Instant Off feature. There is also a convenient carrying case. With whisper quiet operation and unbeatable reliability the Epson PowerLite 76c delivers quality performance.

This product retails for $1099 with a $100 end user mail in rebate.

For additional information, please contact Gerry Campana at Epson, 800-338-2349 x7145, or Pat Yeatman in Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5668.

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Grainger Pricing Agreement (9/16/05)

The University is has a pricing agreement with Grainger offering additional discounts off maintenance related supplies and equipment, and free shipping of all orders. Orders may be placed with Grainger at 877-293-7537 or online at www.grainger.com. End-users must log in with the JHU account # 811357078 to obtain JHU discounted pricing. Grainger accepts the JHU Procurement Card.

This program provides an easier way to access Grainger's online catalog with JHU pricing. As always, you will still be able to access Grainger's customer service representatives and local stores. Orders may be shipped or picked up at the facility closest to you.

For additional information, please contact Pat Yeatman or Judy Zimmer in Supply Chain Shared Services, or Patty Cates, Grainger Government Account Manager, 877-293-7537 or 410-258-3311.

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Corporate Cellular Phones - Reminder of Policy (9/16/05)

This notice serves as a reminder that under the Procurement Card Program policy, the payment for cellular phones or cellular phone service with the use of the University procurement card is not permitted.

Faculty and staff authorized to obtain corporate cellular service through either the University or Health System are directed to do so through Telecommunications Services. See Policy and Procedures for Cellular Phones, at www.controller.jhu.edu/policies/cellphonepolicy.html. At this time Cingular and Verizon are the University's only approved cellular service providers.

Contact at Johns Hopkins for Corporate Cellular Service
Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Linda Bihun-Werner
IT@JH Telecommunication Services

Information is also available on the internet at www.it.jhu.edu/telecom/corporate.html.

Individual agreements with cellular service providers are no longer accepted by Supply Chain Shared Services of either the University or Health System. Instead, Telecommunications Services shall obtain cellular service for the end user through our corporate service providers, Cingular and Verizon. This streamlines the procurement of, and payment for, corporate cellular service. Charges for service are billed monthly, and itemized on monthly billing statements issued by Telecommunications Services so that they may be reviewed for accuracy and legitimacy.

For Johns Hopkins corporate Cingular plans, please contact Leslie Amend, 410-852-1500.
For Johns Hopkins employee Cingular plans, please contact Ray Jensen, 410-336-8954.

For Johns Hopkins corporate Verizon plans, please contact Gregg Todd, 410-404-5044.
For Johns Hopkins employee Verizon plans, please contact Kimberly Wood, 410-303-7704.

Please contact Ms. Judy Zimmer, 443-997-5663, Ms. Dawn Janicki, 443-997-5616, or Telecommunications Services for additional information about the corporate cellular services program.

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