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There is a negotiated discount of 25% off most Delta fares for international travel.

Discounts are available for tickets issued directly with the university's designated travel agencies.

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New Delta Baltimore to Boston Flights Eligible for JHU Discount (2/21/06)

Daily Delta schedule Baltimore to Boston - all flights utilize Regional Jets


Effective April 03, 2006 Delta will operate new flights from New York's LaGuardia airport to Chicago, O'Hare & Dallas/Fort Worth. The new LaGuardia - Chicago service will operate from Delta's Marine Air Terminal in LGA. This is the same terminal currently in use exclusively by Delta Shuttle flights to/from Washington, DC & Boston. The Marine Air Terminal is the preferred terminal at LaGuardia, conveniently located away from the high traffic main terminals. The terminal is currently undergoing complete renovation, which will be completed before the new service begins.

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