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Amtrak Northeast Corridor Sale is Extended through December 16, 2009

This summer, and fall, you have a right to save BIG on Amtrak Northeast Regional service to cities throughout the Northeast Corridor: 

Save up to 25% off the lowest Northeast Regional Coach Class fares when you travel through December 16, 2009 and purchase tickets at least 14 days in advance. Fares are one way and non-refundable after purchase but the ticket value can be exchanged for another Amtrak ticket for up to one year from date of issuance. Northeast Regional summer discounts may be combined with Amtrak's every day Kid's Half Price fare for up to two children ages 2 to 15, when accompanied by an adult. 

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JPMorgan Chase Travel Cards

Note to all Corporate and Executive Travel Card Holders:

In the next several weeks you will be receiving your new JPMorgan Chase Master Card. This card will replace your American Express card. You may start using your new card as soon as you activate it.

To activate your card please dial the number attached to your new card. You will be prompted to answer several questions. When asked for the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number, please provide instead the last 4 digits of your Personnel Number. You can locate your Personnel Number on your timesheet or by contacting your Administrator or HR Coordinator. When asked for your mother's maiden name, please provide instead your JHED ID.

Once you activate your new Chase MasterCard Travel Card, please destroy your old Amercian Express card.

After you have activated your new card, please remember to provide the new credit card number to any vendors with which you have standing orders.

We will keep the American Express cards active and open until 12/31/2009. At that time all cards will be terminated.

If you encounter any trouble activating your new card, please contact the Travel Card Administrator, Dianne Hartely, at .

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Amtrak Guest Rewards: Two Million Strong. Two Million Points.

On Thursday, August 20, 2009, Amtrak's two millionth member will join the Amtrak Guest Rewards program , one of the most flexible frequent travel programs in the travel industry. And to honor the occasion, Amtrak is sharing two million points among members who travel on Amtrak that memorable day.

Whether you were member 18, member 4,345 or member 1,999,999, take a seat on-board and be recognized. Register now, and then travel on August 20, 2009 to earn your share of the two million points. To qualify, you must be an Amtrak Guest Rewards member and register for this offer online at or by calling 1-800-307-5000 (option 2), using registration code 81009.

When you're a member of Amtrak Guest Rewards, you're on the fast track to good things: you're taking part in exclusive promotions and earning your way to rewards like free Amtrak travel, hotel stays, car rentals and more. So join the program that keeps you up to speed since it's based on actual dollars spent, rather than miles traveled, making it easier and faster to accrue points and earn rewards!

Enroll now for FREE to begin experiencing the many benefits of Amtrak Guest Rewards, visit or call 1-800-307-5000.

Paul Siegel | Manager, Sales & Marketing
Amtrak |

Save up to 25% off the lowest Northeast Regional Coach Class fares, now extended for travel through December 16, 2009.  Purchase tickets at least 14 days in advance

Continue to save on Acela Express travel, for travel through September 3, 2009 also with a 14 day advance purchase.

For further information, please, contact Jennifer Hipp, Travel Manager, Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5659.

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Travel Card Provider Change

The University will be moving to JPMorgan as the new provider of Travel and Executive Cards. The new cards will use a MasterCard platform. This change will be effective September 1, 2009.

Current corporate cardholders will receive their new card in the mail by mid to late August. No paperwork will be required for conversion. The overall program will remain the same with each corporate cardholder personally responsible for their monthly bill. Please review your name and mailing address on a prior statement for accuracy. Should any change be required please email and note Travel Card Change in the subject line. Changes must be submitted by June 30, 2009.

Current Executive cardholders will receive their card through their Divisional Business Office. The actual Executive card program has changed due to the card structure of JPMorgan. The Controller's office and AP Shared Service will be working with the DBOs to get new Executive Cards issued.

All American Express cards will be shut down on October 1, 2009. More detailed information will be sent out in the near future. Please email any questions or concerns to and note Travel Card questions in the subject line.

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New Time Line Changes Within Egencia to Accommodate the TSA Secure Flight Program

As communicated before, travelers will be able to add the Secure Flight Passenger Data to their Egencia website profiles beginning tomorrow, July 23. However the ability for travelers to add or edit their Secure Flight Passenger Data directly in the flight booking process will happen in a second phase prior to August 15, 2009.

When travelers add their Secure Flight Passenger Data to their Egencia profile, it will automatically be added to future bookings. Airlines will receive the data from Egencia and automatically transmit it to the TSA for compliance with the Secure Flight program. Egencia Travel Consultants will also be available to assist travelers in adding the Secure Flight Passenger Data to bookings made directly with them. These updates and Travel Consultant services will be available starting on July 23, 2009.

Egencia has updated the suggested message to travelers to reflect this timing.

Egencia: .
As you'll see this change impacted only the third question on the page.
TSA Secure Flight Program:

For more information regarding the TSA Secure Flight, please, contact Jen Hipp at 443-997-5659.

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TSA Secure Flight - Information for Johns Hopkins Travelers

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight program will go into effect for all US domestic airlines on August 15, 2009. Domestic airlines will be required to collect additional passenger data and transmit it to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for pre-screening against federal government watch lists. After matching the passenger data against government watch lists, Secure Flight will transmit the matching results back to the airlines.

Q: What information will be collected for the TSA Secure Flight Program?

A:The TSA requires the following information:

* Full Name
* Date of Birth
* Gender
* TSA Redress Number (if applicable)
* TSA Known Traveler Number (if applicable)

More information on the TSA Secure Flight program may be found at .

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AVIS & Budget Conversion of Fleets into Non-Smoking Fleets

Avis and Budget are converting the fleets into a complete No Smoking fleets will begin the week of June 8, 2009. All vehicles should be converted to No Smoking status by August 15 th , 2009.

Non-Smoking Stickers

One of the notifications / reminders to customers of the no smoking fleet is the “No Smoking” sticker that will be placed on each of our fleet vehicles. The No Smoking sticker states, "Up to $250 Cleaning fee for Smoking May Apply."

New vehicles will receive stickers to be placed on the vehicles. These stickers will be placed as an identifier to all customers that the vehicles are No-Smoking vehicles.

• All new vehicles will have these stickers placed on the car at the time of in fleeting.
• All current fleet vehicles will have these stickers placed on the vehicle as it is inspected, cleaned and deodorized as necessary to convert the vehicle to non smoking.

For more information regarding Avis' and Budget's conversion of fleet vehicles to non-smoking fleets, please, contact Jen Hipp at 443-997-5659.

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Amtrak's Corporate Discount Program Exclusively for Johns Hopkins University & Health System Employees

Amtrak offers all Johns Hopkins University & Health System Employees a 25% discount in Business Class on Amtrak Acela Express service between Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, New York and Providence / Boston. Travel must be booked through one of the JHU's designated travel agencies. Discounts are also available between other select city pairs throughout the Northeast Corridor.

Amtrak stations are conveniently located and Acela Express service offers many conveniences:

Spacious, reserved seating with footrest
Electrical outlets at each seat
Extra large tray tables and conference tables throughout
Delicious food and beverage menu in the Café Car
Total access to your cell phone service
Amtrak's exclusive Quiet Car – enjoy a quiet environment to help you relax and recharge.

Make your Amtrak reservation through one of our JHU's designated travel agencies and pick up your tickets at an Amtrak Quik Trak kiosk located in all Northeast Corridor stations. For further information, please, contact Jennifer Hipp, Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5659.

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Airline Fees Chart For Top 15 Carriers Airline Fees Chart for Top 15 Carriers

No matter how economics evolve, or if the price of fuel continues to drop, it is likely that the airline fee-for-service models are here to stay. Please click the following links for an easy-to-read reference chart listing fees for the top 15 US carriers.

Airline Fees Chart

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BridgeStreet Worldwide - Enjoy the Inner Harbor

BridgeStreet is offering spacious, fully-furnished 1-bedroom apartments with harbor views in all of its luxury Inner Harbor locations for just $109 per day* until further notice.

Special Offer: *$109 per day, plus tax. Minimum stay of 3 weeks or longer required. Subject to availability. BridgeStreet Worldwide Special $109 Per Day Offer

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Avis Special One Way Rate- New York city and Newark Airport

NEW Special One Way Rate between New York City and Newark Airport.

Avis' is offering a Special One Way Rate program between New York City and Newark Airport that should be more cost effective and convenient then renting a hired vehicle, limousine or cab.

“BearingPoint” rates for Newark/Manhattan one-way rentals. “BearingPoint” Rates for Newark/Manhattan One-way Rentals

Avis Manhattan Locations Avis Manhattan Locations

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Expedia Corporate Travel is changing its name to Egencia, an Expedia, Inc. Company (07/24/08)

Business and customer service will continue as usual. While the Johns Hopkins Expedia website will reflect the new Egencia name, it will continue function as it does today.

Additional information regarding any changes/enhancements to the Johns Hopkins Egencia website will be published as it becomes available. Please direct questions or concerns to Jennifer Hipp, Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5600.

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News about Safe Harbors Travel Group (6/20/08)

This weekend, after 23 years along the Baltimore waterfront - we are moving to the suburbs.

Effective Monday, June 23, 2008 our new address will be:

10811 Red Run Blvd
Ste 200
Owings Mills, MD 21117

All phone numbers will remain the same - All e-mails will remain the same.

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Baltimore Airport Fast Park Lowers Rates in 2008 (1/18/08)

Feeling the pinch after the holidays? At Airport Fast Park, we've reduced our rates to make your travel experience even better. Beginning Monday, January 14th, when you enter our facility your special Frequent Parker Rate will be only $6.40* per day ! And, as usual your daily rate includes complimentary luggage assistance, newspaper and bottled water. This is an amazing deal, so take advantage of it soon! To receive your special reduced rate, just use your Frequent Parker Card to enter and exit our facility – your card is pre-programmed at the discounted rate, so coupons are not necessary.

Have some friends that you want to pass the good news along to? Have them download a $6.40 coupon at or have them sign up for our Frequent Parker Program for the automated special.

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Travel Alert (8/14/06)

As a result of the latest changes in airport security, listed below is an update on U.S. and U.K. airport procedures. Click here to view an easy to use chart detailing the many changes.

United States Airport Security Procedures

U.S. Threat Level: The threat level was lowered from red or "severe" to orange or "high" for in-bound flights from the U.K. The threat level remains at ORANGE for all domestic and international flights operating in or out of the US.

U.S Security Procedures - Update
On August 14, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) revised its airport security procedures for travelers in the U.S. The bolded items are TSA's most recent changes.

United Kingdom's New Security Procedures

U.K. Threat Level : Downgraded from "CRITICAL" to "SEVERE."

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Agreement with Expedia Corporate Travel (2/1/05)

The Johns Hopkins University has entered into an agreement with Expedia Corporate Travel for institutional travel services.

Expedia Corporate Travel is a full-service travel agency offering convenient online booking via the Internet at, and through experienced corporate agents via phone (1-866-EXP-CORP or 1-866-397-2677). Expedia offers a wide array of options to help travelers meet their flight, hotel and ground transportation needs while providing significant savings with cost-effective fares and fees.

The Johns Hopkins/Expedia web site provides direct access to:

Johns Hopkins has negotiated Low Transaction Fees:

Create your Expedia Corporate User Account Today
Clink on the link above to reach the JHU travel site. You will be creating your own username and profile.
Signin to Your Existing Account

Travelers may begin booking travel after the registration request is approved b

y the Travel Manager. Once traveler profiles are set up, a Travel Arranger profile may be created for your department. A Travel Arranger can arrange travel for assigned users and access their profiles. Please contact the JHU Expedia Travel Manager, Nancy , 443-997-5658 to set up a Travel Arranger for your department.

Expedia Corporate Travel should be used for university business travel only, or a trip that combines university business travel with personal travel. Travelers may be employees or non-Johns Hopkins’ employees, but the trip must occur in the conduct of university business. Travel should be charged to a Johns Hopkins AMEX Corporate Card whenever possible.

Please visit to make personal travel arrangements.

Expedia Corporate Travel Training

Support of negotiated airline contracts by using Expedia Corporate Travel enables the university to leverage its buying power. Using Expedia Corporate Travel will enable the university to negotiate improved discounts with airlines, rental car companies, and hotels.

Air travel, as a deregulated industry, produces fares that change continuously as a result of supply and demand. As a result, lower fares may occasionally be found on sites other than the Johns Hopkins' Expedia Corporate Travel site. However, no single source, i.e. travel agency, web site, or airline-direct, will offer the lowest fares 100% of the time. While this may encourage travelers to shop around, it is not in the best long-term interest of the traveler or the university. A cheaper fare may not be advantageous when the time to call various travel agencies, or search the Internet is taken into account.

For more information on the Johns Hopkins/Expedia Corporate Travel Program, please, contact the Travel Managers, Jen Hipp at 443-997-5659 or Mary Rodriguez, 443-997-5658.

For more information on the Johns Hopkins American Express (AMEX) Corporate Card, please visit the Controller's Office Accounts Payable Travel Guide web site.

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Southwest Airlines Corporate Account (10/1/04)

Johns Hopkins University has a corporate account number with Southwest Airlines (SWABIZ) for business travel.

The first step to simplifying your corporate travel booking process is to create your personal preference page. Just login to and enter the JHU Company ID number 99845093, your Rapid Rewards Member Number, and your Password. Then enter your travel preferences in the appropriate fields for Air, Hotel, and Car Rentals, and they will be saved for the next time you book your online travel through SWABIZ. You may also assign a name to your frequent trips and save the information. The next time you need to take that trip, you simply choose it from a drop-down list on your reservation page, including your preference for Hotels and Car Rentals in that city.

When calling Southwest Airlines at (800) I-FLY-SWA, always reference JHU's company ID to ensure that all SWABIZ transactions are reflected in online reports.

For personal or leisure travel, please continue to use This keeps the University's business travel records accurate.

Please visit for more information regarding the University's new SWABIZ account, or contact Jen Hipp at 443-997-5659.

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