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There is a negotiated discount of 13% off all US Airways tickets for domestic travel. International discounts on US Airways are 15% in all markets. In addition, US Airways has selected individual domestic markets and discounted them up to 25% off the published fares.

Discounts are available for tickets issued directly with the university's designated travel agencies.

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US Airways Introduces Web Check-In (1/14/03)

Now that many major airports require you to get your boarding pass before proceeding through the security checkpoint, US Airways is offering two great ways to help you skip the lines and get your boarding pass quickly and easily.

Web Check-In

Check in for your flight and print your boarding pass before leaving for the airport with Web Check-In, now available at Access your reservation by entering the requested personal and flight information, then view your itinerary, select seats, and print your boarding pass. If you're checking bags, just take them to curbside check-in or the airport ticket counter. If not, head straight to the gate. Web Check-In is available from six hours before up to 90 minutes before flight departure time. Visit for more information.

Self-Service Check-In Kiosks

You can also get your boarding pass using the Self-Service Check-In kiosks located at the US Airways ticket counter in nearly 50 airports nationwide. You'll even earn bonus Dividend Miles for using the kiosk - 1,000 miles the first time and 50 miles each time thereafter. The next time you travel, use Web Check-In at or Self-Service Check-In kiosks at the airport to get your boarding pass fast.

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