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WebReq is the University's Web-based purchase requisition system, the successor to REQN. WebReq offers several enhancements not available with the REQN system. WebReq enables University faculty and staff to create Purchase Requests on their desktop computers, and submit them via the Internet to Supply Chain Shared Services for processing. WebReq is the quickest and most efficient means of submitting purchase requests to SCSS. Use of the WebReq system reduces errors, and ensures that information necessary to process purchase requests is accurately provided. WebReq stores information about users such as name, address, and telephone number. Once this information is stored in the system, it is automatically recalled for future use without the need for repeated entry. Similar information about suppliers, and frequently purchased items may also be stored in the system. Begin your requisition on the eProcurement site.

To immediately learn more about the WebReq System, please look at the WebReq User Guide.

For additional information regarding the WebReq system, please contact Kathy Frazier, Supply Chain Shared Services, 443-997-5654.

To find out more about the WebReq training classes, please visit the Financial and Information Technology Training Programs Website. To view the Financial Administrative Training Events listing and register for a WebReq training class, please visit https://learning.jhu.edu/prod.

For additional training information, contact learning@jhu.edu, or 443-997-6453.

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