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Powerpoint Presentations from an iPhone

Nonanimated Powerpoint presentations may be easily presented from iPhones in the following way. From Powerpoint on a computer, export (File/export) the presentation in pdf format. Email it as an attachment to an account that you can open on the iPhone. Download into the iPhone from the Apple app store the free Adobe Acrobat viewer. Open the pdf in the email program, tap on "Open in..." which briefly appears in the upper left and choose Acrobat. If the pdf opens automatically, then in the lower left should be a small square with an arrow pointing up. Click on this to see a list of places including applications on the iPhone to which the pdf can be sent. Choose Acrobat. When your pdf has opened in Acrobat, shift its viewing mode to "Single Page" by tapping the eyeglass symbol on the lower left. Connect the iPhone to an LCD projector using a lightning--VGA adapter (Not cheap, ~$60, but usually available in presentation rooms). You may need to use the projector's zoom controls to adjust the size of your projected slides to fit the screen.