Using the Associated Matlab Files

You can download a fully interactive Matlab demonstration which demonstrates the principles in this presentation. The Matlab files also allow you the freedom to create your own Fourier series respresentations by setting amplitude, frequency, phase, windowing, and other factors involved in creating a periodic signal.

To use the Matlab mfiles, you must have Matlab installed on your computer (Matlab 4.0 or a later version, or the Student Edition of Matlab).

After downloading and unzipping the Matlab file, place the resulting files in a directory in your Matlab path; or while in Matlab switch to the directory where they are located. Then type demo at the Matlab prompt to begin.

Click here to download the mfiles for a PC.
Click here to download mfiles for UNIX workstation.

Any comments or suggestions about the mfiles should be directed to

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Viewing Mpeg Files

If the playback is not smooth or if you are not able to view the entire movie, check to see that your mpeg player is set to play "all frames". This can be checked under an options or configuration menu.

On some systems, you may have to close the mpeg window before trying to play a differnet mpeg; if you don't you'll just see the same mpeg again.