The audiogram displays thresholds in terms of hearing level (HL). A threshold of 30 dB HL means that the listener requires sounds to be 30 dB louder than listeners with normal hearing. Thresholds over 20 HL indicate hearing loss.

You can save a picture of the audiogram with screencapture (press the on/off and home buttons at the same time).

Ear Werx Professional Edition has been calibrated for “Apple Earbuds with Mic.”  Uncalibrated headphones may introduce threshold errors but should capture areas of hearing loss and ear asymmetries. If you are experiencing hearing problems, consult a professional audiologist for more accurate hearing tests.

Must be used with Apple earbuds under quiet conditions.

Ear Werx Professional Edition will allow you to perform an informal hearing test. Select the right or left ear using the control wheel interface. Adjust the frequency of the test tone with the frequency buttons. Adjust the loudness of the tone using the volume controls on your device until the tone is just detectable. Tap the SAVE DATA button. Continue until you have sampled all frequencies. Then repeat for the opposite ear.

If you need to repeat a frequency, just re-adjust the volume settings and tap SAVE DATA again. If you want to restart the test, tap CLEAR DATA.

When you have completed your test, tap VIEW AUDIOGRAM.