iSuppress Professional Edition is based on laboratory studies of tinnitus suppression and residual inhibition. This research suggests that effective suppression can be achieved by timed exposures to a narrowband of noise located in the region of hearing loss.

You reproduce the characteristics of your tinnitus experience by tapping CHANGE SETTINGS on the TIMER SCREEN. After adjusting the primary pitch and loudness, use the navigation panel to select optional modulation and continuous playback modes. Once your settings have been determined, you can use the device by interacting solely with the TIMER SCREEN.

Avoid loud stimulation. The masker should be presented at the lowest comfortable level that blocks the tinnitus percept. Suppression effects are highly variable. Experiment to find what works best for you.

Best used with earbuds

The TIMER SCREEN provides a simple interface for playing and pausing the tinnitus suppressor. The elapsed time of the exposure is displayed. If timed playback has been selected, the sound will turn off after 90 seconds. Additional controls are available to reset the timer, adjust audio settings, and go to the Audio Integrations website for additional instructions.