myTinnitus Professional Edition was designed by tinnitus researchers to help tinnitus patients communicate their tinnitus experience to other listeners. Because only the patient can hear their own tinnitus, it is sometimes difficult to describe the pitch, loudness, and quality of the experience. The myTinnitus app allows the patient to match the pitch and loudness of their tinnitus, and experiment with different qualities (tone, multi-tone, noise, buzz, and modulation). Tinnitus is a complex auditory phenomenon that induces many different types of sound qualities. The limited examples available here reflect the most common forms of tinnitus. Some tinnitus patients will experience sounds that cannot be duplicated with this app.

You reproduce the characteristics of your tinnitus experience by tapping CHANGE SETTINGS on the TIMER SCREEN. After adjusting the primary pitch and loudness, use the navigation panel to adjust secondary characteristics, modulation and ear balance. Once your settings have been determined, you can use the device by interacting solely with the TIMER SCREEN. This less cluttered display is particularly important for individuals with impaired vision or motor skills.

Best used with earbuds

The TIMER SCREEN provides a simple interface for playing and pausing the tinnitus pitch. When the app is used as a tinnitus masker, a timer shows the duration of the exposure. Additional controls are available to reset the timer, adjust audio settings, and go to the Audio Integrations website for additional instructions.