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Engineering for Professionals Program

Tuition and Fees
Course tuition is due at the time of registration and may be paid by check, tuition remission, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, or company contract accompanied by a purchase order number. All other fees are payable as noted below. To pay by credit card you may use the online option or fax in the Credit Card Authorization Form.

Students whose tuition is paid by contract should begin processing requests with their employers well before registration deadlines to ensure that payment is made as required. Students are ultimately responsible for all costs associated with their registration.

Graduation Fee
The graduation fee is $100 and is payable upon receipt of a bill from the office of Student Accounts.

Late Payment Penalty Fee
Students who do not pay their bill by the terms DueDate will be assessed a $17500 Late Payment Fee.

Refund Policy
Refunds apply only to the tuition portion of a student's charges and are calculated from the date the student's "add/drop" form is received in one of the part-time programs offices. Telephone withdrawals are not accepted. Refunds are not applicable to any fees. Refunds are not granted to students suspended or dismissed for disciplinary reasons.

Refunds for graduate and undergraduate tuition are made in accordance with the Refund Schedule for the academic year.