About Team

Team is a subset of the club that specially trains for competitions and works harder to generally improve Taekwondo skill. We typically go to at least two tournaments a semester and take several training trips throughout the year. Team members, if possible, attend practices five days a week to achieve their best possible technique.

Beyond going to tournaments, being on Team offers many benefits, including more personalized instruction and the opportunity to bond with fellow Taekwondo members outside of normal practice settings. Team members also enjoy the opportunity to advance more quickly through belt ranks.

Club members must pass a difficult Team endurance test before they may join Team, which are are held at the beginning of each semester. If you may be interested in joining Team, feel free to ask current Team members or your instructor for more information.

Team Members

PhishLow Yellow
JessicaHigh Yellow
JaredLow Green
RyanLow Green
ArjunLow Blue
MaxLow Blue
FabianHigh Brown
DanniHigh Red
IrmaHigh Red
TabethaHigh Red
Alex1st Dan - Recommended Level
Mike3rd Dan - Recommended Level

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