Heart models generated from high resolution MRI and DTMRI scans
Video of an electromechanical model of the rabbit ventricles, used to simulate the contractile sequence during sinus rhythm.
Red indicates stretch, and blue denotes shortening.
A. Systolic strain in ischemic heart.
B. Mechanically induced spontaneous figure-of-eight reentry.
3-D model to investigate the functional relevance of electrical coupling between cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts.
In this model, fibroblasts are incorporated into the scar and border zone regions at varying densities to
observe the effects of myocyte-fibroblast coupling on propagation.
Re-entrant ventricular tachycardia in the rabbit right-ventricular free wall.
Mesh generated from MRI data at a resolution of 25um in all planes.
Orange indicates activation, while blue indicates recovered tissue.
Epicardial reentry in an infarcted canine heart
Fitting the human ventricular geometry with an hexahedral non-linear finite element mesh