Veritable Laboratory

    Listed below are the non-virtual laboratory projects for this course.  Complete descriptions of the assignments are listed elsewhere in a non-public site.  However, demonstrations of  laboratory techniques and equipment use are available here.

    1.  Materials--determine the tensile and bending strength of spaghetti; determine
                Young's modulus.  Demonstration:    mixing epoxy (18Mb).

    2.  Mousetrap design--design a mousetrap from paper, rubber bands, and glue.

    3.  Multiparameter decision-making.

    4.  Remote measurement--find the distance between two buildings; estimate the
            measurement error.

    5.  Mousetrap construction--construct a paper mousetrap from a set of instructions.

    6.  Circuit building--assemble a robot-control circuit using TTL logic chips and a breadboard.
           Chip and circuit board description.

    7.  Chemical processes--carry out distillation and paper chromatography experiments.
            Observe gravitational instability in layered liquids.
            Demonstrations:  using a hydrometer, creating a stratified fluid .