Yiqing Xing
Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins University
Carey School of Business
100 International Dr
Maryland, MD 21202
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Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:
Social and Economic Networks
Microeconomics Theory
Experimental Economics

PhD in Economics, Stanford University, 2016
(Advisor: Matthew Jackson)

MA and BA in Economics, BS in Mathematics, Peking University

Working Papers

Who Shares Risk with Whom and How? Endogenous Matching and Selection of Risk Sharing Equilibria
- presented at Stanford, Cambridge, Johns Hopkins, Peking U, HKU, CUHK

A Theory of Efficient Negotiations (with Matthew Jackson and Hugo Sonnenschein)
- presented at Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, AEA, Decentralization Conference.

Intermediated Implementation (with Anqi Li, updated March 2017, submitted)
- presented at AEA, ES Summer Meeting, SED, Michigan, UPenn, Stanford.

Optimal Ordering in Sequential Auctions (with Fanqi Shi, updated May 2017, submitted)
- presented at Johns Hopkins, Stanford, ES Asia Meeting.


Culture-dependent Strategies in Coordination Games (with Matthew Jackson), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Vol. 111:3, pp.10889-10896, 2014

Ordering Sellers in Sequential Auctions (with Qiang Gong and Xu Tan), Review of Economic Design, Vol. 18.1, pp.11-35, 2013

Auctions with both common-value and private-value bidders (with Xu Tan), Economics Letters, Vol. 111.1, pp.99-103, 2011

Other Publications, Book Chapters, etc.

'Wave Phenomena' and Formation of Excess Capacity (with Justin Yifu Lin and Ho-Mou Wu), Economic Research Journal (in Chinese), Vol. 10, pp.4-19, 2011

Status quo, History and Thoughts on House Site, as Chapter 4 in The Road to Property Rights Delineation: Experience of Chengdu, China, Peking University Press, 2010

Research in Progress

Sustaining Cooperation with Multiple Relationships (with Chen Cheng)

Excessive Diversification and Endogenous Riskiness in Financial Networks

Stable Networks with Local Social Rankings

A Screening Perspective on China's Experimental Reform (with Chen Cheng)