JHU Surface Anaylsis Lab


X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

Surface Composition
Elemental Oxidation State

Auger Electron Spectrometer

Surface Composition
Scanning and Depth Profiling Capabilities
SEM imaging

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Mark Koontz
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X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer

  • Elemental/Compositional Analysis of Surfaces (including Polymers)

  • XPS full survey of CF3(CF2)7(CH2)2SH self-assembled monolayer adsorbed on gold
    Larger View
  • Surface Identification of Oxidation State and Local Environment

  • LEFT: XPS survey of C(1s) region for CF3(CF2)7(CH2)2SH adsorbed on Au showing different forms of Carbon

    RIGHT: XPS survey of Ta(4f) region for Ta2O5 showing both oxidized and metallic Ta
    Larger View

  • Technical Specifics: 5400 XPS

Scanning Auger Electron Spectrometer

  • Scientific Principle of Auger Electron Spectroscopy
  • Capabilities
    • Elemental Composition of Solid Surfaces

    • Auger spectrum of an aluminum surface ion implanted with N2+
      Larger View
    • Surface Mapping

    • Auger map of SiC surface sample imbedded with NiO particles
      Left to right: secondary electron image Auger map of Nickel, Oxygen, Silicon
      Larger View
    • Depth Profiling

    • Depth profile of nickel on silicon carbide before and after annealing
      Larger View
    • Secondary Electron Imaging

    • Secondary electron image of lead nanowire
      Larger View
  • Technical Specifics: PHI 610 Scanning Auger Microscope