The Klausen Research Group

December 2019. Ernesto, Percy, Jack, and Sophie at the Chemistry Department Holiday Party
October 2019. The Chemistry Department Flag Football Team (the B'More Athletics) take home the intramural league trophy! Klausen Group members include Drew, Carlton, Eric, Sophie, and Herb.
October 2016. Heidi builds a goniometer.

October 2015. "Lab Horrors and Counterspells" ... The Klausen Lab's entry in the Department's Halloween Door Decorating Contest.

Group Photo, December 2014. L to R: Sravan, Bekka, Eric, Heidi, Carlton, Moshe, Tyler.

November 2014. Heidi and Sravan visit the Loo Group (Princeton University) clean room.

Group Photo, August 2014. L to R: Sravan, Ming-Ling, Adeolu, Bekka, Heidi, Moshe.