News: 28 micron scan
In December 2004, using our new hybrid scanner, we achieved, for the first time, 28 micron1 scans. This is equivalent to 907 scan points per inch, or 36 points per millimeter. This is almost 4 times sharper than the densest sampling rate, 100 microns, of currently available 3D surface scanners capable of scanning objects the size of cuneiform tablets.

The images to the left are screen shots of 3D renderings of a single cuneiform sign, the dingir sign, from 3D surface scans taken at different resolutions.

(For more information on this particular tablet see the iClay web page.)


1 A micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter.

28 micron
100 micron
The highlighted area in this photograph indicates the area visualized in the 3D images above. (Obverse of Johns Hopkins cuneiform tablet t24)