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Emanuele Berti

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

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It was a busy summer! I traveled to Italy to visit the Amaldi Research Center in Rome.

With Davide Gerosa and Salvatore Vitale, I coorganized a workshop at the University of Milano-Bicocca, GWPopNext.

As you might have heard, LIGO’s fourth observing run (O4) started on May 24, 2023. According to the LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA Public Alerts website, there are already more than 30 gravitational-wave event candidates. As the event catalog grows, we will be able to dig deeper into the physics and astrophysics of compact objects. At the same time, new and more data require appropriately powerful statistical tools to be fully exploited. The workshop was an opportunity to share recent progress, and talk about the modeling and data analysis issues that we will face as the catalog grows.

Thanks to a collaboration between JHU and the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) that was recently selected as a “Project of Great Relevance” (PGR) within the Italy-United States Bilateral Science-Technology Executive Protocols, several members of our group visited GSSI during the Summer. I was there on July 24 (with Dan Holz and Antonella Palmese), and gave a talk on Agnostic black hole spectroscopy.

Last but not least, I visited the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen for a nice workshop on Fundamental Physics with LISA, where I gave a talk on tests of general relativity. All slides from the workshop are available on this page.

A growing population of gravitational-wave astronomers. There are some unfortunate low signal-to-noise ratio events under the tree.