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Today I was very happy to learn that I was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society. This is the notice I received:

I have the honor of informing you that the APS Council of Representatives at its September 2015 meeting acted favorably on your nomination for Fellowship in the Society upon the recommendation of the Topical Group on Gravitation (GGR). As you may know, election to Fellowship in the American Physical Society is limited to no more than one half of one percent of the membership and is recognition by your peers of your outstanding contributions to physics.

The citation, which will appear on your Fellowship Certificate, will read as follows:

“For important contributions to theoretical gravitational-wave physics, including quasi-normal modes of black holes, tests of alternative theories, the links between analytic and numerical relativity, and the astrophysics of merging black holes.”

Your name and Fellowship citation, as well as the others elected to Fellowship this year will be published in an upcoming issue of APS News. It also will appear on the Fellowship Page of the APS website. […] Congratulations on being elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society.