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Emanuele Berti

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

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Most of the visitors from Lisbon, Cambridge and Brazil are leaving these days, so we took some pictures. It was a busy, productive month! All the talks from the workshop are available at the StronG BaD website.

Lisbon visitors at Big Bad Breakfast. Left to right: Emanuele, Leonardo, Isabella, Michelle (sorry for the family intrusion); Andrea Nerozzi, Hector Okada da Silva, Laura Bernard, Pedro Cunha, Seth Hopper.
Visitors from Cambridge and Brazil. Left to right, sitting: Emanuele, William Cook, Christopher Moore, Roxana Rosca, Michalis Agathos; left to right, standing: Shrobana Ghosh, Hector Okada da Silva, Pedro Cunha, Vishal Baibhav, Mauricio Richartz, the statue of James Meredith. Lewis Hall (the Physics and Astronomy Department) is in the background.