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Emanuele Berti

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

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With the completion of the Cosmic Explorer Horizon Study and inclusion of the Einstein Telescope in the 2021 ESFRI Roadmap, the time is ripe for a discussion of the next steps in the definition of the science case for the next generation of GW observatories. The purpose of the PAX-VII Workshop is to better understand the requirements for the 3G observatory network from different science perspectives. PAX is largely a discussion-based workshop with very strong involvement of participants. The program is open for everyone to attend and participate, there is no registration fee.

Over 380 people registered for the workshop.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • Astrophysical populations of compact objects (organizers: Chris Belczynski, Michela Mapelli)
  • Black hole binaries from population III stars and beyond (organizers: Priyamvada Natarajan, Monica Colpi)
  • Dense matter equation of state and the QCD phase diagram (organizers: Andrew Steiner, Jocelyn Read)
  • Dark matter candidates (organizers: Vitor Cardoso, Paolo Pani)
  • Equity, diversity and inclusivity (organizers: Stephon Alexander, Joey Key, Samaya Niassanke, Sweta Shaw)
  • Multimessenger astronomy (organizers: Raffaella Margutti, Alessandra Corsi)
  • Cosmological parameters and backgrounds (organizers: Michele Maggiore, Marcelle Soares-Santos)
  • Waveform and data analysis requirements (organizers: Deirdre Shoemaker, Christopher Moore, Salvo Vitale)
  • Tests of gravity and fundamental physics (organizers: Nico Yunes, Chris Van Den Broeck)