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Emanuele Berti

Professor, Johns Hopkins University

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Precision tests of general relativity are being developed enthusiastically on many fronts, but there is not enough communication between researchers working across different distance scales — the observables, parametrization frameworks, and even alternative theories are different and hard to compare. The Burke Institute at Caltech sponsored a workshop on these topics (Unifying Tests of General Relativity, July 19-21, 2016). The workshop focus was on developing a sort of “lingua franca” for those working on cosmological and strong-field tests of gravity, the eventual aim being the ability to usefully interpret observational results across the two fields. The workshop was organized by myself, Phil Bull, Sean Carroll, Yanbei Chen, Olivier Doré, Jérôme Gleyzes and Leo C. Stein.

Group photo from the "Unifying Tests of General Relativity" workshop.