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Mut Temple Expedition, 2015

Following a busy summer season in 2014, the JHU expedition to the Temple of Mut has returned to Luxor for a brief January period of fieldwork. Our work is directed toward the publication of the full work here since 2001 and, as such, involves study of pottery, small finds, as well as some excavation. In addition we are excavating and removing burials in the area behind the Sacred Isheru Lake. We began to find these burials in 2012, and because they were unexpected in a temple environment of the Second Intermediate Period and New Kingdom (ca. 1700-1300 in the case of the Mut occupation areas), we did not have the expertise with us to complete the work. We have been fortunate to have the assistance of a number of fine bioarchaeologists in the past two years, including Roxie Walker, Salima Ikram, and now Jessica Kaiser and Afaf Wahba. What appears now to be a cemetery area is a major focus of our work this winter.

The team this year consists of the Director, Dr. Betsy Bryan, Field Director, Dr. Violaine Chauvet, photographer Jay Van Rensselaer IV, osteologists Jessica Kaiser and Afaf Wahba, seven JHU graduate students: Ashley Arico, Meredith Fraser, Maggie (Karen) Bryson, Jill Waller, Marina Escolano-Poveda, Rania Galal Suleiman, and Meg Swaney, a Swiss graduate student, Gautier Mouron, and three undergraduates: Luke Jenusaitis (AS 2015), Allie McCoskey (AS 2017), and Phil Montgomery (AS 2015). Salima Ikram and Roxie Walker will join us briefly in February.

This educational and informational website provides an idea of our work process at the Mut Temple and our daily work. It is not intended to express longer term interpretation of the excavation results. We thank the Ministry of State for Antiquities in Egypt and, particularly, its Minister, Dr. Mohamed El Damaty, as well as Dr. Ali Asfar, Undersecretary, Dr. Abdel Hakim Kerar, General Director of Luxor Antiquities, Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Aziz, Director of Karnak Temples, and Mr. Amin Ammar, former Director of Karnak Temples.

An updated map of our area of work showing the squares VIII G E 7, 11, 12, and 13, and VIII G C 6, 7, and 10 where burials are being removed this season is included here.

To follow the day to day progress of the JHU Expedition, click on the thumbnail images in the calendar below.

Calendar for January 2015
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Calendar image for January 4 Calendar image for January 5 Calendar image for January 6 Calendar image for January 7. Calendar image for January 8. 9 Calendar image for January 10.
Calendar image for January 11. Calendar image for January 12. Calendar image for January 13. Calendar image for January 14. Calendar image for January 15. Calendar image for January 16. Calendar image for January 17.
Calendar image for January 18. Calendar image for January 19. Calendar image for January 20. Calendar image for January 21. Calendar image for January 22. Calendar image for January 23. 24
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