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Monday, January 3, 2011

Preparations begin

On Monday preparation for excavation begins with our Field Director Violaine Chauvet visiting the site to view area being cleaned for work. The workers have been busy cutting the tall halfa grass to provide a space for our excavations. In the space to which Violaine is walking we will place squares tomorrow.



Violaine stands on a rise at the far south of the precinct. This area had revealed mud brick to us in 2004, and now we will begin to clear it to determine what type of structure is here.


View of the temple

A view of the Temple from the entrance to the Second Court shows you the columns of the “Hall of Drunkenness” that we re-erected in 2009. Last summer we also completed the cleaning of the temple proper and leveled the floors in anticipation of opening the Temple to the public sometime this year.


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