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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Students lay out new squares

At left is Gaultier Mouron, a Swiss graduate student joining us for the first time. To the right is Michael Riecken, a senior Near Eastern Studies major. Both are helping to lay out squares.


Laying out a square

Ashley and Katie look on as Mahmoud Abady  aka “Super Qufti” holds the trowel  over the measuring tape pulled taut to lay out the square he will work in.


Holding the tapes
Holding the line tight

Marina and Chris hold the tapes to place a stake, as Kelly holds the line tight at the opposite corner.


Basket carrier

Now that her square is laid out, Maggie begins the work of watching and documenting. The basket carriers walk toward the dump in a rhythmic fashion, so familiar it is as if it had never ceased.


Tea break

At the tea break everyone poses for a shot: from left Marina, Maggie, Gaultier, Michael, and Violaine. We’re off and running!




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