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Monday, January 10, 2011

Square 9

Square 9 has been very productive, with a mud brick ramp on the east and a column base for a wood column and roof on the east. Beneath the ramp the profile shows soil darkening in layers, and this is apparent on the floor of the trench at present. The pottery here is already earlier than the New Kingdom, although the brick and column date from that era. Ashley is now ready to draw a wall running east-west across the north of the square so that we can remove it and go down further to see how this trench matches with number 7 to the north. She and Violaine place a line across the wall to measure from and then they triangulate the nails holding that string.

Ashley and Violaine taking measures  Ashley and Violaine taking measures

Kelly and Michael learning to do levels

Kelly and Michael are training to do levels, and we see them practicing to “level the level” which can sometimes be a little frustrating when you first do it.

Michael sorting pottery

Michael has a real curiosity about most of what we do, and he is ready to learn. So I put him to work sorting pottery diagnostics and arranging them by silts and marls. He and Kelly are both working on this, and it is an enormous help.

Sorting pottery  Michael sorting pottery

Square 10

Katie and Meredith’s square 10 may show a similar “ramp” feature on its west (left) side, but the north has small rooms that are separated by a narrow wall. Early in the morning they discuss with Violaine the next steps to take in excavating.

Discussing the next steps

Square 8

In Marina’s square 8 a large pit consumes the center of the trench. Sometimes, however, it produces interesting material, as with this group of model fruits, perhaps dates. Marina proudly shows them off to us.

Model fruits
Marina showing the model fruits

Trench in south area

Over at the south, Katherine is pretty busy. Chris is under the weather today, so she and Gaultier are covering three squares between them. And this mud brick “road” just does not stop; nor does it give us many clues as to its depth. We keep finding small breaks in it and attempt to go down, but inevitably the brick resumes.

Brick "road" in south trench

Maggie at work

Maggie’s square did not have much happening today, but she is always busy, and we wanted to let you see that!


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