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Monday, January 17, 2011

In Marina’s square morning shots of the entire trench and the far west indicate a complicated history. The large overburden of Late Period reuse and pitting is seen in the baulk above the dark brick dotted soil. Two north-south walls (right to left) associated with 18th Dynasty pottery are now clearly above two east-west ones. The lower walls are narrow mud brick and the area between them has been blocked on the west with limestone, closing the room. Patches of dark soil and organic material are visible at the bottom of the square.

Marina's square
Marina overseeing work

Ashley's square

Ashley’s square 9 shared a baulk with 10 (rear here), and that baulk has been removed by Mahmoud Abady so that we can see the brick between them. The “ramp” has appeared plainly in the clearance level. Note the deposit of pottery beneath the single top layer of brick. We are now able to date the brick atop earlier brick structures to the Third Intermediate Period, overlaying 18th Dynasty directly and creating (or re-creating) a ramp.

In the south area Chris has begun to draw square 1 which is entirely bricked in. The brick does not run the same way throughout, and it is a large expanse, so he has set up two lines from which he will take measurements of the brick.

Chris measuring for drawings
Chris drawing

Meanwhile Katherine’s south extension of brick continues to receive our investigation below and between walls. So far the pottery indicates a very Late Period environment (26th Dynasty and later) underlain by Third Intermediate Period. The latter is primary, however, as the late pottery occurs either on the surface or in pits cut into the brick.
Katherine's square

Breakfast break shows nearly everyone gathered, except Betsy who has gone to the airport to pick up an old friend, Peter Sadow, arriving today. Soon it will be back to work, but Michael at present is passing the “chipsies.” What flavor today?

The team at breakfast break


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