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MAY - JUNE 2014

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Mut Temple Expedition, 2014

In late May, the Johns Hopkins University Expedition to the Mut Precinct returned to Luxor to begin a study season as preparations go forward to publish the last twelve years of work. Dr. Betsy Bryan is this year accompanied by a group of students, undergraduate and graduate, as well as other professionals. Dr. Violaine Chauvet of the University of Liverpool is Field Director, Ms. Darcy Hackley is the artist, together with graduate student Marina Escolano-Poveda, and Mrs. Afaf Wahba is the bioarchaeologist for the season, being assisted by graduate student Maggie (Karen) Bryson. Undergraduate students Ashley Fallon, Richard Kidney, Kierra Foley ('14) and Alexandria Burek ('14) are accompanied by additional graduate students Meredith Fraser, Rania Darwish, and Ashley Arico, along with University of Geneva student Gaultier Mouron (for his third season).

Coordinating the website together with Macie Hall (JHU Center for Educational Resources) is Jay Van Rensselaer, Homewood photographer, who normally is part of the team, but is busy with other duties this spring. (Viewers of the website from the past will no doubt notice the difference in photographic quality, but we will do our best.)

In 2012 the expedition discovered up to sixteen human burials in a number of squares behind the Sacred Lake. Work was done in February and March by Ms. Roxie Walker and Dr. Salima Ikram to remove some of these skeletons. That work will continue under Ms. Afaf Wahba as we work from May 24 to the beginning of Ramadan, approximately June 28. In addition we will be renovating our storeroom, sorting through pottery to determine what remains to be photographed or drawn, adding finds to our database, and converting our survey map to a usable GIS environment. A great deal to accomplish, but it should be interesting -- and hot.

As always, the Johns Hopkins University thanks the Minister of State for Antiquities, Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Dr. Ali Asfar, Undersecretary for Antiquities, as well as Dr. Abdel-Hakim Kerar, Director of all Luxor Monuments, and Mr. Amin Amar, Director of Karnak Temples, for their ongoing support of our archaeological work in Egypt. The Supreme Council of Antiquities conducts fieldwork, supervises all archaeological research in Egypt and also monitors and preserves the ancient monuments.

To follow the day to day progress of the JHU Expedition, click on the thumbnail images in the calendar below.

Calendar for May-June 2014
        Calendar image for May 24.
25 Calendar image for May 26. 27 28 Calendar image for May 29. 30 Calendar image for May 31.
Calendar image for June 1. Calendar image for June 2. Calendar image for June 3. 4 Calendar image for June 5. Calendar image for June 6. Calendar image for June 7.
Calendar image for June 8. Calendar image for June 9. Calendar image for June 10. Calendar image for June 11. Calendar image for June 12. Calendar image for June 13. Calendar image for June 14.
Calendar image for June 15. Calendar image for June 16. Calendar image for June 17. 18 19 Calendar image for June 20. Calendar image for June 21.
22 23 Calendar image for June 24. Calendar image for June 25. 26 27 28


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