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Monday, January 5, 2015

Jessica Kaiser, lead osteologist this winter, talks with Violaine and Maggie about the flexed burial here and plans to clarify the grave area itself. Work to isolate the shape of a mud-sealed burial dome is then shown underway on the baulk in the square Central 6 2012. Maggie works with gufti Sayeed on the baulk next to the mound where now other human bones have already appeared.

Discussion of the burial.
Maggie working with gufti Sayeed.

Meg and Afaf Wahba. Maggie.

Afaf Wahba is back with us following last summer and is working alongside Jessica. She joins Meg to display the sweatshirts that Meg and Maggie are sporting showing skulls and crossbones in order to advertise their membership in the “bone team”. Everyone has purchased additional cold weather clothing, by the way. It is quite cold and worse if you are not moving around like the bone group is. You see Meg, Sayeed, and Maggie working to define long bone and pelvis region of a separate skeleton from the one in the burial mound. This is a secondary burial in the sense that the body was moved from its original place of deposition, no doubt when the burial beneath the dome was put in. At least we have evidence of some chronological sequencing, because we have seen this displacement of bodies earlier, already in 2012.

Meg, Sayeed, and Maggie working.

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