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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Maggie working on child burial.

In another trench, VIII G East 11, a small child’s burial is about to be removed and is being cleared first. Maggie is helping Afaf to define the area. Although it is still in need of cleaning, you see the round area with the skull and the ribcage and arm next to it.

Close view of burial.

The pottery kiosk.
Jay setting up photo equipment.

Just a peek at how we have set up to do pottery analysis and photography this season. A kiosk houses Jay’s photo equipment, and outside it you see Meredith at the head of our area for pottery study. She is the lead on the “pottery team”, consisting of Luke, Allie (for the moment), Phil, and Rania. Here, also, Marina will be doing drawing of small finds and challenging ceramics.

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