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Thursday, January 8, 2015

View of area between Central trench 6 and East trench 13.
Secondary burial revealed.

As we showed you earlier, between Central trench 6 and East trench 13 a baulk is being removed because a flexed burial was found on the Central 6 side. Removal of the baulk carefully has revealed a magloob bricky mound that covers the head and trunk of the deceased. However, as they worked, the gufti Sayeed and Afaf have identified a secondary burial to the south of the mound – with at least a small part of the bone beneath the hill itself, indicating the chronology. Here you see long bones from this burial that was perhaps pushed aside when the mound burial was interred.


Secondary burial revealed.
Long bones from the burial.

Jill using the total station.

Jill is shooting in the small child burial in Trench 11 with the total station. You see her here and in the square is Allie holding the prism and Maggie assisting her.

Allie and Maggie assisting.

Skeleton surrounded by markers.
Documenting the skeleton.

For the Total station shot the skeleton has been surrounded with crosses used to mark points to be taken. Jessica has taken photos of the skeleton – now cleaned and made ready for removal – and Maggie and Meg have completed all the necessary paperwork to record the burial and its removal. Following these shots, the child skeleton was removed.

Preparing to remove the skeleton.

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