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Monday, January 12, 2015

Meredith, Phil, and Marina at work.
Luke, Meredith, Phil, Marina, and Ashley.

Our Pottery team is working away, despite the cold morning. Here you see Meredith and Phil (entirely surrounded in coat and scarf) busy with sherd analysis, while Marina is drawing small finds. In the second photo I asked people to look up for a moment, so you can see some faces. Clockwise is Luke, Meredith, Phil, Marina, and Ashley. Not sure where Rania had gone at this moment, but you can be certain it was not far. She just works away at pottery – and she is terrific at it! In our last pic Luke proudly displays a partial pot which he has successfully glued. He and Allie have had something of a competition on this.

Luke displays a partially reassembled pot.

Final cleaning of the skeleton.
Documenting the skeleton.

Over in Square East 12 the flexed headless skeleton has been completely cleaned by Maggie and Yehyia, following which a drawing was made of the bones in situ. The total station has been having some problems, and so the drawing is being done by old fashioned methods. Yet at the end of the day the station came back to life, and the skeleton was shot in place. Thus the final photo showing the metal crosses surrounding the body. These provide a location for the station’s prism as it shoots points. Photographs taken directly over the body will then allow a drawing to be made and placed appropriately on a map. In our final photo you can see that the skeleton (the missing head would have been at the top of the photo) lay on its left side, arms bent up in front.

Metal markers surrounding skeleton.

Violaine taking notes.
South side of the baulk.

Back at the Central 6/East 13 Baulk, Violaine, Field Director, is making notes in the notebooks for both trenches, because all the bioarchaeologists are very busy and have other logs to keep. On the south side of the Baulk a spinal column has been revealed. Earlier long bones has been found nearby, but they have been removed already. Just to the west of the spinal column is the profile of a long-necked bottle. We will leave it for a while as we attempt to understand relationships in an increasingly complicated burial environment.

Profile of a long-necked bottle.

Afaf and Meg continue to clean the skull of the infant. Shot of the north side of the baulk.

On the north of the Baulk Afaf and Meg continue to clean the skull of the infant. A shot at the end of the day shows the progress and the two round based pots left in situ. See you tomorrow. 

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