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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Final shot of the infant skeleton in situ. Yesterday you saw the team in Square GC 6/E 13 drawing the infant skeleton. Here is a final shot of the child in situ. The removal of this burial has begun, and now continuing photography and description will document bones that become visible after the removal of others. Afaf and Meg will work quite a while before the baby is entirely taken. This was an infant less than one year old, but it was carefully inserted into a pit within the mound. More study will take place in the laboratory.
Shot after removing skull.

Jill with the new total station.

Big excitement for Jill! Our own total station, a generous gift of my own spouse to the expedition, has arrived. A brand new Sokkia CX 103. Jill has set it up to practice the menus, etc. We are very thrilled.

Violaine, Maggie, and Yasin are surprised to find new bones.

Over in G Central 7/East 12 baulk there is considerable excitement too. Violaine, Maggie, and Yasin are surprised to find new bones well above the level of the skull coming out of the baulk below. Yet this bone is appearing so rapidly that soon it is apparent that it is a full skeleton – or at least nearly so. So another strange burial environment – a body just a few centimeters above another.

View of the new skeleton.
Central 7/East 12 baulk.

The Pottery Team at work.

Back over at the Pottery Team’s hangout, we see Luke and Gaultier in conversation (I’d like to say it was about ceramics, but I rather think about music or movies). Meredith is directing work in the area, but she still has time to do analyses of her own, and as usual Rania is looking for parallels in the books, while Allie grinds away at a large bag of sherds (her specialty). Marina gives us a smile as she takes a breather from her drawing. In a final pic Meredith and Gaultier flash me a smile. All proceeding beautifully. And today is TGIT (thank God it’s Thursday), so tomorrow we head to Aswan for a little relaxation and different environment.

Marina gives us a smile.
Meredith and Luke.

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