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Monday, January 19, 2015

Early morning on the way to the site.

Early morning on my walk to the precinct, I caught the sun just behind the palm trees east of the temple and east-west Sphinx alley.

Progress on the first skeleton. View of the skull next to the red burnished pot.

Jay took our morning shots today, and here you see the progress on the first skeleton identified in the mound – back in 2012. His head turns out to be next to the red burnished pot, obviously placed in association with the burial. Note the position of his body, which is close to east-west with the head towards the north. Due to the placement of this interment so near the outside of the dome, the mound could house even more burials than the infant and the two adults that we are certain of.

Jill and Luke. Jill and Luke are shooting in skeletons this morning and come out to set up the total station. You see Luke holding the rod and leveling so that Jill can take a point.
Jill with the total station. Luke holding the rod.

Ashley, Rania, and Gaultier.

Work still proceeds over at the Pottery Team’s area. Rania and Gaultier are consulting over some sherds, while Ashley works on new small finds. Allie smiles for the camera as she works through another bag. Notice how few clothes they are finally wearing! It has truly become beautiful and typical January weather. Good-bye to the winter!


Maggie at work.

Over in the trench VIII G Central 7/East 12 baulks, Maggie continues to work to expose the upper of two skeletons. You see her with her Gufti Yehyia and also here is a shot with Jessica, Yehyia, and Yasin all bent over the skeleton extended on its left side. An earlier morning shot of the skeleton with the sun on it can be compared with progress during the day in the shot with the board and scales. Here, too, you see the interesting layering of these burials, with the skull of the original interment below, but only a small amount. Unfortunately in 2012, we apparently cut through the feet (!) of the upper skeleton before we realized that there was a body here. We may well have these bones in the magazine, however, as yet unidentified.

Jessica, Yehyia, and Yasin over the skeleton extended on its left side. Morning shot of the skeleton with the sun on it.
Shot of skeleton with missing feet.

Meg and Jessica.
Upper section of adult male skeleton.

Back on the mound, Meg and Jessica work early in the morning to define the additional adult male. It is in very poor condition, with very brittle bones. Although it represents an elderly person, nonetheless the skeleton must have had little shelter after burial to be so poorly preserved compared to the other adult and infant. Legs found in 2012 are now clearly known to belong to this skeleton, and later in the day we uncover them, and the position of the burial can be seen entire.

Meg working.
View showing entire burial of adult male.

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