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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meg working on her skeleton.
Close view of skeleton. The skeleton in G Central 6/East 13 that Meg has been clearing is just about ready to be shot in with the total station, photographed for final drawing, and then removed. You see Meg as she works to clarify the leg (only one!), and just as she was doing this a flint blade appeared at the knee. A closeup of the pelvis and leg area has an arrow that points to where it was found. The blade, when removed, had a definite serrated edge. It is thus likely that this was placed with the skeleton during the burial. A little later the formal photograph was done, and then Luke, Phil, and Jessica entered the square to set up for the total station points.
Flint blade at the knee of the skeleton.
Formal photo documentation of the skeleton.
Luke, Phil, and Jessica set up for the total station points.

Skeleton with skull and pot removed.
More of the bones revealed.

Luke is helping out with cleaning the skeletons today. Afaf’s work on the main body beneath the mound has continued below the head area. They have now removed the pot and skull and are working to define the abdomen and upper arm region. The first photo shows the area still quite obscured by soil, but as work proceeded Afaf revealed more and more of the bones. Tomorrow will no doubt show us even more.

Skeleton set for documentation.

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