Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 5, 1994

Security Alert

     On the evening of Nov. 14, a student working in a practice
room at Peabody left her personal belongings unattended. Upon
returning to the room, she noticed her bag was half open, but she
did not investigate it any further.
     When she arrived home at approximately 12:30 a.m., she had
several messages on her answering machine, instructing her to
immediately call a number to talk about her bank card with the
caller who identified himself as a bank representative.
     She called the number, and the person identified himself as
a bank investigator and advised her that someone had tried to use
her bank card. He then requested her address, telephone number
and her PIN number, which she gave him over the telephone. The
suspect told her he would cancel her bank card and would reissue 
her a new one the next day.
     Sometime after her conversation, she noticed that her wallet
was missing. 
     A week later, the victim noticed that someone had been
making withdrawals from her bank account, and she reported the
theft to the Peabody campus police and the bank.
     Campus police suspect the man made his calls from a pay
     Campus and city police remind members of the university
community never to give out personal information, credit card
numbers or personal identification numbers to anyone over the

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