Johns Hopkins Gazette: December 12, 1994

     * * * Milestones: Retirements & Anniversaries * * *


20 years of service
Snesil, Marion F., MSE Library

15 years of service
Gregorek, Joan Marie, Office of the Controller
Hill, Peggy Ann, FASAP
Mack, Kathryn M., Plant Operations
Sarnecki, Carol F., Office of the Registrar

10 years of service
Behr, Douglas, Design & Publications
Coursey, Michael E., MSE Library 
Kelly, Melinda Renee, JHU Press
Lewis, Ethel S., Dean s Office A & S
Mason, Judith Ann, Federal Relations
Purnell, Gail A., Employment Management Services
Taylor, Sandra, Macromolecular 

5 years of service
Dimitri, Darla E., JHU Press
Frazier, Jocelyn L., JHU Press
Holloway, McClellan, Plant Operations & Maintenance
Jones, Rachel, JHU Press
LeBrun, Richard W., Security
Paclawskyj, Christine, SCS Montgomery Co. Center
Reass, Deborah K., Engineering Publications
Washington, Moses A., Plant Operations & Maintenance
Zarecor, Jimmy L., MSE Library 

Hygiene and Public Health

20 years of service
Hurt, Maryellen, Epidemiology 
Prendergast, Kathleen, Research Subjects

15 years of service
Smith, Michael, Epidemiology 

10 years of service
Blackburn, Richard, Population Information
James, Patricia Egan, International Health
Waters, Deborah S., Sponsored Projects 

5 years of service
Burgess, Joanne D., Health Policy & Management
Caris, Miriam, Epidemiology 
Heflin, Rebecca L., International Health 
Karolenko, M. Celeste, Population Communication Services
Konig, Judith, Epidemiology 
Losikoff, Phyllis T., International Health 
Summers, Scott A., International Health Vinson, Darcell C.,
American Journal of Epidemiology


Dean, Alfred, 25 years, Custodial Services
Roberson, Jean D., 18 years, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Murtaugh, Venetia, 12 years, Surgery

30 years of service
Johnson, Kathryn W., Kennedy Krieger Institute

20 years of service
Edmonds, Bernice, Public Affairs

15 years of service
Cooley, Karen E., Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
McLaren, John Layne, Facilities Management
Payne, Edward, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Pittman, Ruby L., Oncology Center 
Soaper, Michael James, Medicine

10 years of service
Bankert, Joyce Marie, Biomedical Engineering
Connelly, Cathleen N., Surgery
Conner, Howard Andrew, Biomedical Engineering
Fedor, Helen L., Neurology
Jelen, Janet L., Welch Medical Library
Kehoe, Marjorie, Medical Institutions Archives
Kemmer, Dana T., Medicine
Meise, Shannon F., Medicine
Scott, Joe, Laboratory Animal Medicine
Tyler, Paul Gregory, Oncology 
Watkins, James, Neurology
Winston, Colleen, Medicine

5 years of service
Bolyard, Rebecca, Surgery 
Brummet, Mary Elizabeth, Clinical Immunology
Buckler, Sandra A., Hopkins Bayview IRB
Bukowski, James A., Safety & Environmental Health 
Coates, Townes Carter, Ophthalmology 
Graham, Karen A., Human Resources
Hammond, Wilmer, Oncology 
Lewis, Gwendolyn, Radiology 
Miller, Lynda L., Anesthesiology & Critical Care Medicine
Moran, Wanda Lee, Medicine
Nuttall, Linda, Oncology Center
Pietrowski-Bail, Sandra, Clinical Immunology
Powell, Sharon, Neurology
Roberts, Dale Charles, Neurology
Shiflett, Tina Lynn, Neurology
Twombly, Janet E., Surgery
Williams, Clifton L., Finanial Affairs


5 years of service
O Rourke, Mary C., Admissions


5 years of service
Sommers, Nancy L., Public Information


20 years of service
Hampton, Arthur C., Facilities Management

10 years of service
Ross, Howard Orville, Student Services

5 years of service
Earle, Sydney P., COFHE

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