Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 11, 1994

Cheers recognizes achievement of consequence among faculty,
staff and students. A separate section records some
promotions and new hires. 
    We welcome contributions submitted in writing
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All Divisions

The Provost's Office has announced the 1994 recipients of the
Provost's Undergraduate Awards for Research and Excellence.
Thirty-three students from Arts and Sciences, Engineering,
Nursing and Peabody will receive up to $2,500 to fund their
projects, which will occur during the summer or fall
    Summer award winners are Saminaz Akhter, Eduardo
Carillo, Candy Chan, Charissa Chang, Eduardo Fajardo, Reem
Habbak, Michael Haller, Michael Ho, Jimmy Holder, I-Hua
Huang, Judy Kiang, Srikant Krishna, Andrew Lee, Stanley Lu,
Jay Patel, Gary Payinda, Todd Sarge, Jon Strasser, Lois
Wessel and Ronald Yap.
    Fall award winners are James Amendola, Lisa Blaydes,
Emily Chan, Samuel Chun, Donna Cross, Paul DiCamillo, Vincent
Franze, William MacKenzie, William Perlman, Suk Seo, Sanjay
Shah, Bryan Young and Howard Young.


Appointments to the Principal Professional Staff are
recognition of the highest professional stature and
individual achievement at APL. It is reserved for the most
outstanding leaders in their technical or administrative
fields. Named recently to the PPS were Valerie B. Barnes,
Alan Brandt, W. Daniel Brown, Thomas B. Criss, Robert W.
Farquhar, Daniel R. Fenner, Andrew C. Good, Timothy S.
Herder, Sandi Holowej, Richard K. Huebschman, Edwin P. Keath,
Lee D. Kennedy, Sze-Ping Kuo, Paul E. Lakomy, Kathleen A.
Lane, Gregory A. Miller, John R. Moore, Kenneth W. O'Haver,
Daniel G. Ondercin, David L. Porter, Jack C. Roberts, David
G. Sibeck, Lawrence G. Simon, Jane M. Spicer, Joseph J.
Suter, John H. Sweeney, Arthur E. Turriff, Vincent Vigliotti
and John E. Whitely Jr. 
    Senior Staff appointments are made in recognition of
sustained accomplishments in the staff member's professional
field of work. Senior Staff members chosen during the first
half of 1994 were Clifford E. Bennett, Teresa M. Betenbaugh,
Rodney G. Duley Jr., Ashruf S. El-Dinary, Thomas A. Feroli,
S. Edward Hawkins III, Douglas B. Holland, Mary E. Howser,
John H. Loveless, Mark R. Meyer, Kirsten L. O'Neill, David E.
Perkins, John E. Pritchett, Christopher C. Rogers, Charles E.
Schlemm II, Randall L. Schrickel, Patrice Moore Slert, Paul
R. Snow, David R. Stark, Marvin B. Suther, Edwin B. Tompkins,
Michael S. Tracey and William Wilkinson. 

Arts and Sciences

Ian Corbyn and David Roberts, doctoral candidates in the
History of Science, Medicine and Technology, have received
1994 Spencer Dissertation Fellowships for Research Related to
Education. Each will receive $15,000 to support the final
analysis of their research topic and the writing of the
    History professor Orest Ranum has been elected to the
Chaise Internationale, Coll�ge de France, in Paris. He will
teach there in the spring semester, 1995.
    Professor of philosophy Jerome B. Schneewind has been
elected vice president of the Eastern Division of the
American Philosophical Association, the major membership
organization for philosophers in the United States. 
    Professor of psychology Julian C. Stanley has received
the James McKeen Cattell Fellow Award in Applied Psychology
for 1994. The award, offered by the American Psychological
Society to only two recipients each year, acknowledges a
career of significant intellectual contributions to the
science of psychology in the area of applied psychological
research. Dr. Stanley is the director of the Study of
Mathematically Precocious Youth, which he founded at Hopkins
in 1971.

Centers and Affiliates

The state chapter of the Public Relations Society of America
recently named WJHU-FM NOTES newsletter the best publication
in the 1994 Best in Maryland Competition, newsletter


A. Lynn Roberts, assistant professor of geography and
environmental engineering, has received a National Science
Foundation Young Investigator's Award in support of her

Hospital and Health System

Four staff members of the Department of Rehabilitation
Medicine, Jodi Barrett, Kathie Fedele, Mary Kate Fries and
Jennifer Grant, made presentations at the American Physical
Therapy Association National Conference in Toronto, June 4-8.
    Colene Y. Daniel, vice president for corporate and
community services, has been named Young Executive of the
Year by the National Association of Health Services
    A recent USA Today analysis found that Hopkins
physicians accounted for a higher proportion of those named
in The Best Doctors in America than doctors at any other
hospital in the nation.
    Joann Rodgers, deputy director of the Office of Public
Affairs, was re-elected president of the Council for the
Advancement of Science Writing. 


R. Nick Bryan, professor of radiology, has been awarded a
Fulbright grant to conduct research at the University of
Marseilles in France during the 1994-95 academic year.
    Third-year medical student Kristine Campbell has been
selected a 1994 Luce Scholar under a Luce Foundation program
designed to create a higher level of understanding of Asia
among young, educated Americans. Campbell will work and study
for 10 months at Princeton, in Hong Kong and on Bali in
    Charles W. Cummings, Andelot Professor and director of
the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, has
been chosen president-elect of the American Society of Head
and Neck Surgery for the coming year.
    Valina L. Dawson, assistant professor in the Department
of Neurology, has been named by the Alzheimer's Disease and
Related Disorders Association Inc. to receive a $148,486
grant to pursue her research.
    The Maryland Chapter of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation
of America presented its Premier Physician Award to associate
professor of surgery Ronald H. Fishbein at a dinner June 14.
The evening's speaker was university president William C.
    Robert Fox, Michael Gibson and Manish Sagar, juniors in
the School of Medicine, have been chosen for participation in
the Howard Hughes Medical Institute-National Institutes of
Health Research Scholars Program for 1994-95. They will
perform research in an NIH laboratory of their choice for a
year while residing on the NIH campus.
    A. Edward Maumenee, professor and director emeritus of
the Department of Ophthalmology, was given the Outstanding
Scientific Advocate Award by the National Eye Institute at
its 25th anniversary awards gala in Washington, D.C.
    Earl P. Steinberg, professor of medicine, has received
funding from Marion Merrell Dow Inc. to pursue his proposal
titled "Outcomes Research in Peptic Ulcer Disease: Impact of
Policies on Outcomes of Disease."
    Two faculty members have received $100,000 personal
awards for exemplary research efforts from the Alcon Research
Institute. Ran Zeimer, professor of ophthalmology at the
Wilmer Eye Institute, was recognized for research relevant to
clinical problems in ophthalmology.  King-Wai Yau, professor
of neuroscience, was recognized for his main research effort
in retinal electrophysiology.
    Mackenzie Walser, professor of pharmacology and
molecular sciences and of medicine, was awarded the Thomas
Addis Medal, the highest honor of the Internation-al Society
of Renal Nutrition and Metabolism.
    Elias A. Zerhouni, professor of radiology, has been
elected to the board of trustees of the Society of Magnetic
Resonance, the world's leading scientific society for the
application of magnetic resonance in medicine.


Undergraduate student Viki Altomonte is a 1994 recipient of
an Oncology Nursing Foundation/Oncology Nursing Certification
Corporation Bachelor's Scholarship for $2,000.


James Ketterer, a doctoral student in African Studies, has
been awarded a fellowship from the National Security
Education Program. He has also been awarded a fellowship from
the American Institute for Maghrib Studies for the study of
Arabic in Tangier, Morocco.

Changing places, new faces

The board of trustees made the following appointments at its
May 9 meeting: In the School of Arts and Sciences, Dwaine
Cowan was appointed professor emeritus of chemistry,
effective Sept. 1; Delbert Hillers was appointed professor
emeritus of Near Eastern studies, effective July 1; and Alex
Nickon was appointed professor emeritus of chemistry,
effective July 1. In the School of Public Health, Diane E.
Griffin was appointed professor in the Department of
Immunology and Infectious Diseases, effective July 1, and
Martin A. Tanner was appointed professor in the Department of
Biostatistics, effective July 1.
    Ernest L. Holmboe has been named head of the 240-member
Submarine Technology Department at the Applied Physics
    L. Reuven Pasternak, associate professor of
anesthesiology and critical care medicine at the School of
Medicine, has been named chair of the Department of
Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Bayview Medical
    Moody D. Wharam Jr., professor in the departments of
Oncology, Radiology, Neurology Surgery and Pediatrics in the
School of Medicine, has been appointed director of the
Division of Radiation Oncology at the Oncology Center. He has
been acting director of the division since 1990.

--compiled by Mike Field

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