Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 11, 1994


Grants and contracts move to JHUniverse

Later this summer, information on new grants and contracts
awarded to Johns Hopkins faculty will become available on
JHUniverse. Recent awards information, similar to the "Grants
and Contracts" listings that formerly appeared in the
Gazette, will include project titles, dates and the
sponsoring institution. Menus listing the awards will be
organized by school and department.
    When the new electronic format of "Grants and Contracts"
is introduced, that section of the paper will no longer be
published in the Gazette.
    Grants and contracts information will be available
within the "Research News and Information" section of
JHUniverse by selecting "ReSource: JHU Research
Administration." This menu item leads to the ReSource gopher
system managed by the Research Information Systems Office. It
contains a variety of information on the university's
    The new grants and contracts awards listings will be the
first type of Hopkins research information available on this
system. Additional information, such as full listings of
pending proposals and active projects, will be added to the
system in the fall. 
    Eventually, users will be able to search for information
related to individual sponsoring institutions. Keyword
searches on project titles will also be possible, allowing
researchers to search for others who are doing related work
at Hopkins.  
    For further information on this new feature of
JHUniverse, contact John Paul Elrod in Research Information
Systems at 516-8732. 

E-mail classifieds, comments to 'Gazette'

Readers wishing to list a classified ad or send comments to
the Gazette may now do so electronically. Beginning this
week, the Gazette will accept short classified ads--up to 20
words--via e-mail at Gazads@ All
deadlines and requirements for the free ads remain the same.
Readers should consult the classified section of a recent
issue for further information.
    If you'd like to register a complaint, make a suggestion
or just tell us what you like--or would like to see--in the
Gazette, we welcome your comments. Calendar listings for
Hopkins events may also be sent to the Gazette via e-mail.
Simply include the date, time and location of the event,
speaker's name and affiliation, and name and phone number of
the person submitting the listing. Feel free to send your
thoughts and ideas to us via e-mail at Keep those bits and bytes
zipping in, folks.

JHUniverse classes offered

Homewood Academic Computing has announced a series of free
classes designed to introduce new users and information
providers to JHUniverse. The two-hour classes, which will be
offered at the computer classroom in 309 Krieger Hall on the
Homewood campus, will cover the fundamentals of using and
manipulating a gopher software system such as JHUniverse from
two perspectives.
    The first class, JHUniverse and You: User's
Introduction, will focus on accessing and exploring the
Internet through JHUniverse. Students will receive
instruction in working with menus, using bookmarks and other
shortcuts and choosing the best software package for use in
their computers. No prior experience is required for this
course, and instructors will address issues for both
MacIntosh and IBM-style computers.
    A second course, Joining JHUniverse: Information
Provider's Introduction, is designed to answer questions and
resolve problems frequently experienced by departments or
groups that use JHUniverse to post information. Students will
receive instruction in basic gopher administrative
techniques, including file manipulation, formatting and other
common concerns. This class is especially appropriate for
office administrators responsible for monitoring and updating
JHUniverse information.
    Classes are limited to enrollment of 12 individuals.
Each class will be offered more than once, depending on
demand. Tentatively scheduled for the last week in July, the
exact dates and times of classes will be announced later this
week and posted on JHUniverse under the Computing and
Information Technology, Homewood Academic Computing and About
JHUniverse menus. For information on Academic Computing
classes, call Debbie Brown at 516-8096.

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