Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 11, 1994


The board of trustees has voted to promote two members of the
faculty to the rank of professor.
    The board, at its May meeting, promoted Joseph E.
Harrington Jr. of the Department of Economics, effective July
1, and Philip I. Hieter of the Department of Molecular
Biology and Genetics, effective May 1.
    Dr. Harrington, a member of the Hopkins faculty since
1984, is a leader in two disciplines, said Matthew Crenson,
acting dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. 
    Harrington works both in economics, where his specialty
is industrial organization, and in political science, where
his special interest is formal political theory.
    Dr. Hieter, a member of the School of Medicine faculty
since 1985, has made important contributions to our
understanding of how chromosomes are segregated to each
daughter cell in mitosis, said Michael Johns, dean of the
medical faculty. He has also developed new methods for gene
mapping and cloning, now in wide use around the world, Dr.
Johns said.

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