Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 25, 1994


     The recently advertised JHUniverse courses for users and
information providers have been filled. Those who were
interested in the courses but did not get in may also sign up
for one of Homewood Academic Computing s Internet workshops
(Introduction to the Internet, Navigating on Your PC,
Navigating on Your Mac). The workshops are covered by tuition
remission. For more information call HAC at 516-8096.


Baltimore s Enoch Pratt Free Library is now online as part of
Seymour, the Maryland Information Network. The new gopher,
organized and managed by the state of Maryland, allows users to
search the Pratt and other state library catalogs, state and
federal databases and various information files, including a
thesaurus, a dictionary and the complete works of Shakespeare. 
     Seymour may be reached from the main menu of JHUniverse by
selecting Into the Internet!, followed by Our Favorite Gophers
and Such, then Government, then Seymour. Once in Seymour, users
should select the Bulletin Board from the main menu, then
choose Enoch Pratt Free Library and login as prattcat.
     Seymour also has an e-mail function designed to allow
users to search for e-mail addresses in the University of
Maryland system, accessible under e-mail at the main menu. 
     Though dial-in service to gopher is free, there is a $35
a year charge for e-mail and a $100 a year charge for full


A complete listing of site-licensed software, as well as
freeware and shareware available through Homewood Academic
Computing, is now accessible through JHUniverse. Descriptions
and fees for the site-licensed software can be accessed from
the main menu by choosing Computer and Information Technology,
then Homewood Academic Computing, then Site Licensed Software
Available from HAC, then Site Licensed Software.
     By following a similar path, but choosing Freeware and
Shareware at the last menu, users can access a wide range of
free software programs for both Apple and IBM-based computers.
Included on the list are programs that search for computer
viruses, programs to enable a computer to more efficiently run
gopher software (such as JHUniverse), and dozens of other
software applications. 
     The free software may be downloaded directly onto a remote
computer simply by following instructions found in the README
file in each software program.


Just a reminder: Readers can e-mail classifieds ads -- up to 20
words -- to [email protected]. All deadlines and
requirements for the free ads remain the same. Readers should
consult the classified section for details.
     If you'd like to send a calendar item, register a
complaint, make a suggestion or just tell us what you like --
or would like to see -- in the Gazette, we welcome your
comments. The Gazette e-mail address is
[email protected]. Please include a phone number if
you are submitting a calendar item or story idea. Keep those
bits and bytes zipping in, folks.

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