Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 25, 1994


Genetics of asthma study:  Families are needed to participate
in a study to reveal the gene(s) that cause asthma and/or
allergy. The study consists of one visit by a father, a mother
and at least two children. At least two children should be
older than 6, with asthma; and there must be one par-ent
without asthma. Families will be compensated for their
participation and will receive free pulmonary function and skin
tests. Call Maria Thompson at 550-2124.

Imaging study:  Healthy men and women 18 to 28 are needed for
a research study requiring the injection of a radioisotope and
an investigational drug. Volunteers will be compensated. Call
Carol at 955-8501.

Norplant user study:  Women 18 to 40 who are sexually active
and experiencing irregular periods or prolonged bleeding are
needed for a study designed to evaluate medications used to
treat irregular bleeding in Norplant users. Participants will
be paid up to $180 upon completion of the study. For
information, call the Office of Family Planning at 550-3060.

Outpatient asthma study:  Men and women 18 to 50 are wanted for
an outpatient study involving three visits (each lasting 15
minutes to 1 hour) per week for four weeks at the Bayview
Campus  Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center. For
information, call 550-2120.

Birth control pill study:  Healthy women 18 to 45 are needed
for a three-year study of a new low-dose birth control pill.
Call Bev Smith at 955-2007.

Cat-owner allergy study:  Allergic cat owners who use medicine
regularly for symptoms are needed for an air filter study.
Participants will receive free allergy testing and will be
compensated for their time. Call Beth Flanagan at 614-1982.

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