Johns Hopkins Gazette: July 25, 1994


Demetrious Paige and Eric Artson are two of the 45 Summer Youth
Employment students working at Hopkins for six weeks this
     Paige, a senior at Forest Park High School, and Artson, a
junior at Douglas High School, helped develop the Work
Competency Resume, a program designed to make mundane jobs more
educational by encouraging students to take responsibility for
their own work.
     Rather than simply telling a student to paint 10 fire
hydrants, for example, a supervisor using the WCR teaches them
such skills as how to determine the amount of paint needed for
the job, negotiate with suppliers for the materials and
allocate their time.
     The program, created last year by Arnold Packer and Frank
Stluka of the Institute for Policy Studies, has been adopted
this year by thousands of summer youth supervisors statewide.

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