Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 7, 1994

New Chair, Fellowship Endowed for Breast Cancer Research

Michael E. Johns, dean of the School of Medicine, was named as
the Hopkins Oncology Center's first recipient of the newly
endowed Breast Cancer Research Chair.
     There are two aspects of the $2.1 million endowment. The
first  ensures that a senior faculty member will be able to focus
his or her attention on breast cancer research. The second will
provide funds for a fellowship to attract to Hopkins gifted young
scientists to study the disease.
     It is the first time in the United States a chair and
fellowship have been dedicated solely to breast cancer research.
     The Oncology Center has received international acclaim for
its clinical advances against breast cancer.  
     Martin D. Abeloff, Oncology Center director, expects the
endowment funds to be used specifically for research into the
genetic and cellular causes of the disease, which could lead to
methods of preventing or curing it. Researchers predict that the
disease will touch about 184,000 women next year.
     "Today we have the chance to reflect upon our
accomplishments, celebrate a new beginning and start to dream
together about what our efforts will enable," said Harriet C.
Legum, chairwoman of the campaign and herself a breast cancer
survivor. Legum led a 25-member committee who solicited funds
from families, friends and former Hopkins patients. Her committee
also raised money by sponsoring luncheons, teas and golf and
tennis tournaments, and through the sale of more than 1,000
breast cancer awareness pins.
     Dean Johns commended the committee and the staff of
volunteers for their accomplishments.
     "You may be sure that for many years to come, this chair
will be a powerful force in the field about which we all care so
much," he said. 

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