Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 7, 1994

Meals on Wheels Offers Food, Companionship

     In 1939, after a bombing in London, thousands of British
residents were left homeless and destitute. A group of volunteer
women prepared and delivered meals to those in need, forming the
Women's Royal Volunteer Service and Meals on Wheels.
     The program arrived in the States in 1954, and to the
Baltimore area in 1960, when Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland
was established. The group was formally incorporated in 1967 and
now serves Baltimore county and city and Anne Arundel, Carroll,
Harford and Howard counties.
     Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland is one of more than 115
service agencies that will benefit from Hopkins' United Way
contributions. Agency executive director Robert Schapp said 89
percent of the group's more than 1,700 clients are elderly.
     Some use the services temporarily while recovering from an
illness; others receive permanent aid. In addition to going
directly to the homebound, the agency delivers meals to some
child and adult day-care facilities in the area.
     A staff of more than 100 prepares the meals at the
organization's Haven Street facility in Baltimore. More than
3,000 volunteers help to deliver a warm lunch and a cold supper
to each client, Schapp said.
     "Clients range from those who pay nothing because they
cannot afford it to those who pay almost full cost of the meal,"
Schapp said. "It's not based on income eligibility."
     "Grace" is among those clients. At 89, widowed and
childless, she found it difficult to get to the store, shop for
food and prepare meals. She ate less and less, and when she
finally saw a doctor about her declining health, she was
diagnosed with malnutrition.
     Now Grace receives her meals regularly, her health has
improved and she is less confused. 
     For more information or to volunteer for Meals on Wheels of
Central Maryland, call 558-0827. For volunteer opportunities at
Hopkins, call 516-6060.

University staff and faculty have reached 74.1 percent 
of their goal, pledging $411,911. The hospital has raised
$127,000; APL has raised $226,000, about 64 percent of their

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