Johns Hopkins Gazette: November 14, 1994

Students Hold Out Helping Hand to Homeless

     To the homeless who come to Brown Memorial Church and
Christopher's Place for help and a hot meal, Hopkins students
are friends. Three times each week, a group of student
volunteers cooks and serves meals to those in need. Most of
the time, the men and women just want to talk. 
     "Some of them are very lonely," said Alice Chan,
co-director of the student-run Hands to the Homeless program.
"They don't really have anyone to talk to." Chan said the
homeless men and women and the Hopkins students accept one
another openly. "My first time [at the shelter] was very
intimidating," she said. "But now it's all very friendly." To
volunteer for Hands to the Homeless, call Chan at 243-2782,
or Robert Anselmi at 243-8764.

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